More Cookie-Cutter Ornaments ❄️

Wow, we’re already into the second week of the 31-Day Blog Challenge!

A small variation on my post from December 4th…if you use certain cutter shapes, you might want to stitch more than just the outline.  In that case, do not put the backing fabric on right away.  Instead, with invisible thread on top and glitter thread in the (tension-loosened) bobbin, stitch a pattern in the body of the ornament.  The easiest could be a snowflake:

As you can see, I straight-stitched from point to point, then decided to match up other points on the tips of the flake (creating a hexagon).  When you’re finished, then fuse your backing fabric on and satin-stitch along the outline.

This is a wonderful use for scraps of all that Christmas fabric that somehow finds its way into our studios!  😉

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