Kitty “Trapunto”

This little feral cutie has inspired a number of pieces in my studio.  One very fun way to bring your pet’s face to life is to print the image on translucent fabric (here, I printed in all purple since that was the color scheme).  Add extra batting beneath this portion of the quilt…here, I added 2 layers, a block-sized square and a kitty-head shaped piece.


The first stitching step here was to lightly thread-paint her face (I used very fine purple thread) to enhance details and shading.

Then, I spray-basted those extra pieces of batting in place before layering the whole piece with batting and backing.  

Using a very dense fill stitch around her face flattened the batting and created a great deal of depth to the portrait. This can also be very helpful if your subject is all black!  (I have been known to cheat and sneak extra batting in through slits in the back of the quilt if needed… ๐Ÿ˜‰)


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