The Beauty of Simplicity πŸŽ„


Happy last Saturday before Christmas!

If you’re still searching for lovely small gifts for friends on your list, get that silk dupioni stash out…and metallic thread. A truly elegant piece can be created by fusing a background piece of silk to your stiff fusible web, then adding a simple tree shape.  Get your favorite metallic threads (I love Superior Threads Metallic) and do 3 rounds of stitching:

  1. Simple satin stitch on sides of tree and border of card
  2. Straight stitch across bottom of “tree” (carefully aligned with the grain of the fabric so that you can create a fringe effect by fraying it after you stitch)
  3. A fun decorative stitch (I used #23 on my Bernina) to represent the tree’s garland, slanted in such a way that it appears to be going around the tree

You’re done!  Now back to that cookie baking ;)….

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