Another Pet Portrait Idea ๐ŸŽจ

Another fun inexpensive app on my iPhone is called ‘Popsicolor’…it turns a photo into a very cool image.  Look for a pet picture with enough contrast and this is what will happen:

Take a piece of white batik and your favorite fabric ink pen…place a printout of your image on a light box…and simply trace the colored portions of your pet’s face. Use a light hand with the pen in the lighter areas.  I like to keep the background pure white for contrast.

Then, layer with batting and backing, thread your machine with a thread that matches your ink, and stitch in the colored areas.  I recommend Aurifil for this project (for its unmatched color and low lint qualities- you will use a LOT of it :)!). I would free-motion stitch future pieces…my little girl here was done on an emergency backup machine without that capability.

For the background, I turned to my cone of white Aurifil (you do buy the basic colors by the cone, I hope?  The only way to go :)) and stitched straight lines in a random diagonal fashion. This would be a terrific method for pet postcards as well…a great on-the-road project, bringing only your white fabric, pens and iPad along!


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