Art Quilting Supplies from the Supermarket πŸŠ

Do you experiment with less-traditional ingredients in your art quilts?  One of my favorite substances is the red plastic netting that comes around a crate of clementines at this time of year.  If you layer it over a piece of fabric (covered by a pressing sheet such as a Goddess Sheet, of course), a warm iron will melt the substance into the fabric and create a marvelous texture.  One year I used it for a valentine as shown above.

Then there is the purple plastic netting around small potatoes.  It is more fragile and so can break in the process but still creates very fun effects:

Then there are those cute little foil tops on cans of Pellegrino soda…and little canvas toppers on jars of honey…and wire wrapped around champagne corks :)….

What do YOU incorporate in your pieces?

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