Lemonade Out of 🍋s

Happy New Year to all!  I’m still recovering from Cheryl Sleboda’s 31-day daily blog challenge…and am working on a few contest pieces that cannot be shared yet.  

But, as we make our plans for the new year, I thought I’d share the tale of an unsuccessful quilt top that became my favorite teaching apron (and guarantees that my friends can see me from across the convention center ;)).  

It all began with one of my favorite pictures of my muse…

…we worked together diligently on the pattern…

…and then I decided to apply the “neon” color scheme to the piece. Wow.  Really bad idea, as my other feline advisor tried to tell me:

See his look of concern?  Anyway, the combination of blowing up the image into an overly large size and the “NeonKitty” colors just didn’t work.  I folded it up and placed it in one of those UFO piles we all have.

A lightbulb went off when I packed for Houston that year…I was teaching Open Studios for the first time…and I needed an apron.  Out came the piece, cut to appropriate size, backed with muslin and stitched together with ties for waist and neck…ta da.

She has acquired whiskers since this photo, and some more ink…

…and has become my good-luck item for each trip :).  (Photo above kindly taken by Cheryl Sleboda at last year’s Spring Festival.). What projects have you re-made in unexpected ways?

P.S. I remade the image in natural colors and smaller size and it was one of my favorites donated to the annual Quilt Alliance auction…..

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