Monthly Archives: September 2016

Lessons Learned from Our Dog

We had to say goodbye to our beloved Kazzi this week. As I think about her, it strikes me that we should all try to live our lives with as much grace, spirit and open heart as she embodied. Kazzi taught some very important lessons by example:

1- Love unreservedly 

Kazzi’s devotion to my husband was a thing of pure beauty. They were rarely apart, so we had to employ subterfuge when he had to travel (hiding the suitcase became critical). But she loved me too, a great deal, as well as the many members of her fan club at work and amongst our friends.

2-Be tolerant

From our feral cat who (as a kitten) used to hang from her side, to the newest member of the family who was quite sure she would always want to play with him, she would go along with just a bit of a doggie eye roll.

3-But, stand your ground when necessary 

When one of your siblings has stolen your bed for the zillionth time, show them who’s the alpha in the family. (Even if their bed is just a little small for you…)

4-Play! (No matter what your age)

The night before her very last day, Kazzi was asking to play tug of war with her favorite ball. We can only hope we’re still doing this when we’re the human equivalent of her age (96).

5- Treat every stranger as a future friend

Kazzi acted as a one-dog welcoming committee at home and work, and greeted everyone with a wag and a sweet friendly face. 

As we mourn our loss, we also celebrate the life of this joyful, sweet, loving soul. Always in our hearts…

Changing the lens…

Remember the old saying, “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all?” I’ve been very quiet for several weeks, going through a bit of a rough patch. In view of current events both here and abroad, I am keenly aware of just how fortunate I am and just how incredibly self-indulgent this line of thought is. And yet…

So, fueled by caffeine, chocolate and determination (and the zen of strip-piecing a πŸŽ„ lap quilt top), I’ve decided I have control over how I view life’s events. The quilting-life ones are easy:

  1. Instead of feeling sorry for myself that a post-surgery infection prevented me from joining the Quilting Arts TV taping last week…I will be happy that Susan graciously invited me to do the March taping instead. (Special bonus, I think Lynn Krawczyk is scheduled for that week so I’ll actually get to meet her in person πŸŽ‰).
  2. Instead of beating myself up that I didn’t ribbon in the IQF World of Beauty show, I will just be happy that my piece is IN the show (a fact that would have stunned me a few years ago).
  3. Instead of feeling sad that I won’t make it to Houston this year, I will be happy that Quilters Take Manhattan is just around the corner and I will soon see dozens of beloved quilt-world friends!

And…I will be happy to get back into my studio next week to create more art, and posting more fun ideas as we approach the holiday season.

How about you? Do you ever need to restart your frame of mind?