A Cozy Christmas Read ๐ŸŽ„

If you are not familiar with Clare O’Donohue’s Someday Quilts series, you owe it to yourself to put these books on your Santa list! A terrific combination of murder mystery and quilting- what could be better?

During this busy pre-holiday season, it might be difficult to find the time to read a full-length novel. Clare offers the perfect solution with this novella, which takes place during the Christmas season. 

Here is a brief synopsis of the plot:

Christmas is just around the corner in the Hudson Valley. Nell and her friends at the Someday Quilts shop should be making eggnog and finishing up the stitching on their last homemade gifts, but when an arsonist strikes and a beloved teacher becomes a suspect, the ladies rally behind him to clear his good name. Will they succeed in time for him to spend Christmas among loved ones or will this be a chilly winter for the town of Archers Rest?

Happy reading ๐Ÿ“– :).


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