My Source for Silk πŸ˜

Ok, I admit it…I’m hooked on silk dupioni! The color, the fray, and in many cases the two colors woven together. If MistyFused properly, it behaves perfectly well (fuse before cutting!) The joy of a glorious length of fabric, stitched into a stole to tranform a simple black dress…shreds of silk “confetti” stitched onto a pashmina…constructing a vivid holiday gift bag…are posts for later in the month.

My favorite store is the not-overwhelming Butterfly Fabrics, in the garment district. For those of you near the city: 237 W 35th (between 7th and 8th Avenues). For online ordering:

So, during my last visit, I “needed” these…

…well, then I saw this…

then I discovered the remnant box πŸŽ‰

Squeal! The most enormous heap of fragments of all of their silks. The most fun kind of dumpster diving for quilters…and definitely a project for more than one person, bring a friend if you can. (Sue, we’re goin’ in together next time ;)…)

That picture at the top of my post? All found in here and ridiculously cheap ($12)…some of those pieces are half-yardish.  A tangled mess but who among us does not derive an obsessive pleasure from smoothing and folding our new acquisitions πŸ˜‰?

The only downside of store policy is the 1-yard minimum rule. So…band together with some friends, place one order, and cut in FQs yourselves. The website is not the easiest…if you get lost, search for the “Taj Mahal” collection. SO many colors 🎨!

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