Greetings from Thread Heaven!

Yesterday I received my welcome package from my friends at Aurifil…I am so thrilled to be a part of the Aurifil Artisan program! As promised, here is what I found…

Mmmmm…color charts for all of their threads! I knew there were a ton of colors but the impact is really brought home when you unfold…and unfold…and unfold…these babies. Of course, I had to pause my unpacking to jot down my current inventory :)…

In addition to the enormous spectrum of cotton threads, there are a much wider variety than I realized of wool, too (see the very first photo). Hmm, ok, what’s next…

Awesome – one of the really large cones of lovely neutral thread for all future piecing needs for my lifetime ;). This also strikes me as a potential shade for fur in future pet portraits. Next up…..

Squee!! Aurifloss and 3 shades of wool AND 4 shades of the fairly new 80wt thread…I can’t wait to try that one! And…

Oooooh…a 12-box set of large spools of the 50wt that I know and love…40wt which I’ve tried…30wt which I hadn’t…AND 12wt (in a couple of particularly glorious colors). Of course I had to do a little comparison stitching:

Yes, the 12wt does work in the top of the Bernina (I used a 100 topstitch needle just to play it safe).

Happy sigh…and many projects to plan. Thank you to the Aurifil gang – this was an AMAZING welcome!

(I’m going to close with another shot of the box of threads in case FaceBook picks up the last photo when it posts this…I don’t think you’ll mind another look :).)

3 thoughts on “Greetings from Thread Heaven!

  1. Sally Maxwell

    I love your comparison example using different weights of thread. I have used 12 weight in my Bernina, but I think it’s the needle that sometimes gives me trouble. Any tips on the correct needles to use?

    1. neonkittyquilts Post author

      Sally, I used a 100 topstitch needle. I did run into a bit of a snag once when I tried to stitch too quickly, but otherwise it behaved very nicely :). (Monofilament in the bobbin)

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