3-D Kitty 🐾🐾- Gift/Ornament Idea

So, in the middle of a much bigger project I kept thinking, hmm, a larger version of my πŸ’œ of the Home quilts would make an excellent play quilt (with Velcro-ed house, cat, sun, etc so that a little one could move the pieces around.)

Which made me think, hmm, I wonder if I could make stuffed versions of my cat Jackson? (Having read NO book on how to do this…keep that in mind as you read ;)…)

Aha! Easy. I sized up my cat outline:

…and traced on one of my favorite Uppercase Volume 3 fabrics (coming to you in the spring):

I fused the fabric to batting so that there would be a bit more heft as I stitched his facial expressions and whiskers…

And traced a reverse image onto another Uppercase fabric. And decided to try stitching right sides together before stuffing…

Do NOT attempt this at home πŸ˜‚. After trying to inside-out and stuff…

ROFL, I unstitched and traced another backing…stuffing and zip-zag stitching as I went …

And thanks to my VERY well-tempered Bernina, ta-da:

So. What ideas does this give you for adapting favorite appliqué shapes to holiday gifts? 😁

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