❤️ Day 6: Ink and Thread Valentine

Does your Valentine have a beloved pet? If so, this is a fun technique to try :). The supplies are simple: white batik (higher thread count = sharper image), a fabric pen (I love Tsukineko’s ‘Fabrico’ pens), and 2 spools 🧵 of thread: white and the ink color.


  1. Choose a strong-contrast photo and play with it in Popsicolor
  2. Print it
  3. Lay the white batik on top of the image and (using a light box) ink in any area that appears dark
  4. Layer with batting and backing
  5. Stitch the image, adding color thread wherever you’ve added ink
  6. Stitch radiating lines, with white thread, in the background (not necessary if you are creating a postcard).

As this series of photos shows, a pale subject can also be the star…simply color in the background around the pet!

For more info, read Quilting Arts magazine (Feb/Mar 2017 issue) or watch my episode on Quilting Arts TV 😁!

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