💝 Day 8: Just for the Fun of It

So…remember that shimmering handful of Angelina in my Day 2 post? This is a pure-fun project, the result of which can be an ornament, gift tag, or even door hanger (you might embroider “sleeping” on one side, “disturb me :)!” on the other).


-pink or red Angelina fiber

-square of heavyweight double-sided fusible

-pale pink fabric for reverse side (I used a lovely shade from Windham’s Bedrock collection ❤️)

-thread that will make an impact…I used Aurifil’s 40wt in a rich red

-2 feet of cording (you can decide as you go as to final length, this will give you enough to work with

-pressing sheet! I swear by MistyFuse’s Goddess Sheets

Step 1– pull the Angelina fibers apart until they appear matted. This great material sticks to itself but to nothing else…if you have not tried it, pick up a sample pack at your local quilt shop.

Step 2– fold pressing sheet over the cloud you have formed and press into a sheet

Step 3– fuse to square base..then fuse pale fabric to other side. (Pale so that you can write a note to your valentine!)

Step 4– place square on cutting mat…trim away excess Angelina (save scraps for future art projects)…position on point. Using rotary cutter, trim into heart shape by forming bottom of heart from point…form rounded top. Use your scissors to finish top of heart.

Step 5– finish edge by stitching a tight zig-zag edge.

Step 6– switch machine to tiny straight stitch…and tack midpoint of piping down into top center of heart.

Hang wherever you like!

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