❤️Day 13: Another Great Photo App for ðŸ’•

Some of the most striking images in my photo album result from capturing Jackson in a pose against a light background. This is a fun example of how to manipulate a great profile into a striking design (and, in the case, the inspiration for a valentine! See, you knew I’d get there eventually… 😉)

The free app used in this project is called Camera 4 Line Art; this is what the icon looks like:

Following the small photos in the composite above:

1-crop your great photo to square

2-run it through the app…it generates that black cat against the white background. Save that image.

3-in the controls, click “reverse”…

4-ta da, a white cat against black background!

5-crop both images to 2 x 1 rectangles

Now, paste those together to form the mirror-image shown in the large photo.

And…contemplate drawing a heart around the dual image to use as a pattern for a square fabric postcard! (On my to-do list for the weekend 😍.)

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