“Joyspotting” 🌈

My new favorite book: Joyful! Ingrid Fetell Lee’s marvelous study of what she has termed the “aesthetics of joy” – attributes of an object or an experience that make us feel, well, joyful.

Which got me thinking…aha, finally the right words for an artist’s statement for me. What do I want my pieces to do? Bring a little joy to the viewer, whether it’s a smile about an impishly cute pet or a bit of wonder about the beauty of nature. Nothing serious, no big message…just a little joyspotting :).

Not surprisingly, it is color that makes me feel the most joyful. This:

…and this…

…and most definitely this:

This weekend, find time for Ingrid’s TED talk…


And think about what brings YOU joy! 😊

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