Giving Thanks, One Year Later 🐾🐾

Last year, I shared the story of our newest reason to be thankful: our little guy, Loki.

The tale of how he came to join our household is a harrowing one: thrown into moving traffic at 4 months old…scooped up by a couple of good Samaritans…nursed to health by a dedicated vet team…and brought home with one lame leg which he might not be able to keep.

So many blessings since then: his leg healed completely…he is a bundle of happy irrepressible energy…and provides our cat Jackson with plenty of exercise ;).

As any good cat does, he jumps into suitcases every time I try to pack, shelves as we put laundry away…and onto the headboard to try and wake oversleeping humans…

…and somehow manages to squeeze into the most unlikely spots:

While not so light on his paws (thud, thud, thud), Loki’s sense of balance has us convinced he is part meerkat:

Sat in this pose, staring at a sunbeam, for a half hour 😳

Last Thanksgiving, Loki was adorable, tentative and oh so young…this holiday, he is the sunshine of our home and a joyful reminder to feel grateful for love, health and happy beginnings.

Wishing you lots of love, light and fun this Thanksgiving!

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