💜Needle Book❤️

A perfect party favor or tiny gift for your guild buddies!

Time required: ~ a half hour


-2 pieces of fabric, 4” x 8” (I dipped into my fabulous Diamond Dust collection by Windham Fabrics http://www.windhamfabrics.net/php/fabricshop/fabricshop.php?a=sc&Category=1239 for the cover 💗 and their Bedrock collection for the liner http://www.windhamfabrics.net/php/fabricshop/fabricshop.php?a=sc&Category=1051

-1 piece Peltex II or similar very stiff double-sized fusible

-1 piece of ❤️ color wool felt

-scrap of Power Shine Glitter to complement cover fabric

-Goddess Sheet https://www.mistyfuse.com/products/goddess-sheet so that you do not iron the Peltex to your pressing surface 😉

-Olfa pinking cutter – optional but fun finish for the felt!

-Aurifil thread in 💗 color

Press the lining fabric to one side of your stiff fusible, then the cover fabric to the other side.

Trim to your desired finished size and stitch around the edges with a decorative stitch (I love the blanket stitch for this purpose!)

Next, trim your felt to be a bit smaller than the “cover.” Using Olfa’s pinking rotary cutter provides a lovely edge :).

Layer: cover, outside fabric facing down, then felt. Stitch a straight seam down the center to form the “spine” of your ‘book.’

Fold closed and let the weight of your iron encourage it to flatten a bit. Take your scrap of glitter and cut a heart shape…I always find it easiest to begin with a square shape, then free-cut your heart. Fuse your glitter heart ❤️ to the cover and you’re finished!


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