Midnight in the Garden of Feline Dreams 🐾

A few years ago, I created this piece to portray what my little kitty sees when she explores the wilds of the blankets and pillows on our bed ;). As always, my inspiration was a photo…

That expression! I wondered what she could be stalking in her imagination. I began with the MobileMonet app and blew up the image to a workable size. In the process, I decided that I preferred to flip the direction of the photo…

First, the face. Beginning with a few simple fused layers, I began to build the image…and sketch in outlines of those beautiful eyes.

The background was assembled to resemble the bed: blankets, headboard, pillows sculpted out of layers of fused fabric. Next, the fun part! Threads and inks:

Details of flowers and the butterfly body were created from plastic vegetable mesh…and butterfly wings stitched carefully on top of a freezer paper pattern with variegated thread. A “tree” grew up the side, with a friendly purple snake on its trunk.

Such a fun piece to create! What does your feline imagine as she hunts ;)?

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