Pen/Pencil Roll for Your Galentine 💜❤️

This is a fast, fun project which creates a pretty fabric roll for pens, pencils, make up brushes, you name it! To make the gift extra special, consider tucking some new pens into your roll for your valentine.


-2 fat quarters; I recommend Windham Fabrics’ Diamond Dust collection for a little extra sparkle! (I chose black for the interior so that I could easily see the color tops of my paint pens)

-1 piece of batting, roughly the size of a fat quarter…I like Quilter’s Dream Select

-Mistyfuse, of course…because fusing your quilt sandwich together makes the free motion stitching a breeze.

-Aurifil thread, ditto of course ;)…with Diamond Dust in shade 51394-1, Aurifil’s 2250 red was a perfect match

-a couple of yards of satin piping


1 – Fuse your fabrics to either side of your batting and trim rough edges. You’ll probably want to use most of the length (long side) of your fat quarters…the height will depend upon the size of what the roll is intended to hold.

2- Free-motion quilt your sandwich with a fun pattern. I couldn’t resist stitching my piece with a simple heart lasso…

Here is my scribble in the Procreate app 😉

3- Once the sandwich is quilted, switch to your 2a foot (if you have a Bernina) and zigzag all edges. Then, lay it out and decide where the fold will be which will form pockets…press with a very warm iron to set the fold.

4- Form the pockets. First, stitch the sides closed on the edges, then slide one pen in and see how much width you’ll need for each one. My pens required 1 1/4 inches, so I marked the fabric at the requisite intervals, using my ruler for help:

Stitch where you have marked, making sure to reinforce the tops of the pockets that will receive the most wear and tear!

5- Give your project a smooth finish by adding satin piping to the exterior edges. Then (using tiny stitches!) attach another piece of piping to the center of one of the edges (at the top of a pocket). This piping will wrap around your roll and secure it!


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