Day 10: Top 5 Books?! 📚

An impossible choice 😉….

Welcome to Day 10 of Cheryl’s blog challenge! Today’s prompt is ‘top 5 books,’ which is nearly impossible for those of us who have lots and lots of beloved books about fiber art. If I HAD to choose, the photo above shows my choices…but let me tell you a little about the authors and lead you to their websites for much more.

1- The Uppercase Encyclopedia of Inspiration is an amazing series edited by Janine Vangool, editor of beloved Uppercase magazine. Volume Q is, well, about quilting – nearly 400pp of articles about quilt makers, collectors and more. Truth in advertising, I am one of the quilters profiled 😃…

Check out the Uppercase website for so much more about these books, the magazines and other goodies.

2-The next one I love is Deborah Boschert’s Art Quilt Collage – in this volume, she does a fantastic job of introducing design concepts and materials for quilters who are perhaps new to art quilting. This is the one book I would recommend if a traditional quilter asked, how do I begin to learn about art quilting?

Head to Deborah’s website for some inspiration and more information about the book and her class lineup!

3-You will hear more about the author of the third book shown above later this month – Judy Coates Perez is simply a brilliant teacher! This volume, Creative Alchemy, is an incredibly comprehensive manual for all the fun you can have with acrylics (hint, a LOT…and it’s easy!).

Judy has written other books and has a ton of other goodies for sale on her website (including the coolest masks you’ve ever seen 😎):

4-Long before the first session of QuiltCon, Weeks Ringle and Bill Kerr of Modern Quilt Studio were writing/teaching/producing modern quilts! They have written a number of books – the one pictured is my go-to for functional quilts. It was published in 2005 so if you cannot find it, opt for one of the more recently-published books – they are all fantastic.

Warning, their fabric lines are completely addictive 😉 so be ready to put some fabric in that shopping cart with a book or two…

5-Lynn Krawczyk is an incredible artist as well as author…her books on surface printing are marvelous, and her most recent volume – Hand-Stitching Magic is a must-have. I may be a machine quilter through and through, but the projects she demonstrates make me want to sit by my 🎄 and hand-stitch all afternoon. Besides, I need someone to guide me re what to do with all the Aurifloss I have somehow acquired 😆!

Check out Lynn’s website for a little whimsy and a LOT of inspiration:

I can’t wait to read about others’ fave books today…see you tomorrow!

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