Day 16: Sparkly Gift Tags ✨

As a part of the Wonderfil teacher program, I get to play with their incredible thread…just the other day, I did this thread sketch with the Holiday box of _ spools –

Ooooh😍! It occurred to me that they would be awesome gift tie tags for Christmas wrapping – we always use fabric from my stash (no paper waste!) and I make the tags. Usually fabric bonded to Peltex 2 which result in sturdy but very thick tags. Hmm. I decided to combine a few favorite ingredients for a different style this year.


  • Single-hole punch

Step 1 –

Tear off a large piece of freezer paper and press with warm iron to your Goddess Sheet. This will protect the surface beneath from, ahem, acrylic adornment ;). Brush on a thick layer of your acrylic…you could choose cream or white instead of a shiny paint if you prefer. Now, go fetch that next cup of coffee while this dries completely.


Cut a sheet of Power Shine Glitter to the same size as your base material. This glitter vinyl comes with a very thick protective layer (so that you can iron on to just about anything)…sometimes I prefer to peel it off and use a Goddess Sheet as the protective layer instead of peeling lots of little pieces after cutting.

Ooh, look at that sparkle through the Goddess Sheet!

3- Take your sparkly sandwich to the cutting board and slice into your preferred gift card sizes. I keep a second rotary cutter for all non-fabric items (and my husband 😂) – highly recommended. With a single hole punch, punch holes in the corner of each.

4- Now grab those gorgeous threads and Heidi’s perfect tweezers…which allow you to pull a loop of thread through the hole, then pull the ends of the thread through that loop. If you don’t have these tweezers, you need them! – I cannot tell you how many times I reach for them.

5- Repeat! Then, when you’re ready, write your messages on the non-glittery side – I used a Micron pen, Sharpies would work as well.

Happy gift wrapping! Don’t forget to consider your fat quarters as “wrapping paper” —- I haven’t used paper in years. Holiday-toned batiks are more beautiful and much much more environmentally friendly ❤️. 🎁

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