Day 20: Fun Photo Apps 📸

While the iPad app Procreate has become my go-to app for my art, there are dozens of fun, free (mostly) apps for your phone and tablet! Playing with these is a perfect way to pass a few moments (or a lot more) waiting in line for those errands. Here’s a quick survey of some of my faves, using a photo of my Christmas tree as the example:

Original photo


1- MobileMonet was the first app I discovered which turns photos into illustrations – key if you would like to trace shapes in an image for fusible appliqué as photos often had too much detail to easily be traced.



2- Prisma is just pure fun, changing your photos into altered images…my favorite effect is called “Dallas.” This could be fun for notecards…I even used it one year to play with a photo of my cat, then had it printed on fabric by Spoonflower.


MegaPhoto, filter #143

3- MegaPhoto is my go-to app to turn photos into my favorite neon palette (use filter # 143 for this). It las lots of other filters…for instance-

Also MegaPhoto 😉



4- Popsicolor is awesome for turning photos into images for my ink-and-thread portraits! Perhaps more effective for feline subjects than Christmas trees ;)…but above you see the controls – you can change the colors on top and bottom, intensify/lessen the amount of ‘ink’ and so on. Here is one of my ink and thread portraits to give you the idea – I trace the image with fabric ink into white batik, then stitch –

Example of using Popsicolor



5- PORTRA does some serious alteration of your photos! I put this in the pure-fun category, not really useful for my process. But very cool!



6- C4LA. I am always on the hunt for apps that might turn my photos into line drawings…which can then be printed and colored in with fabric ink, as I described in an article for Quilting Arts. There are not many easy ones…and this one can be buggy depending on which upgrade just took place 🙄…but is very simple to use. The controls allow you to add/subtract amount of detail and adjust the width of the lines, which is really handy.



7- GridaPic is my app for tiling the image so that I can enlarge it…choose the number of cells you need, then print each on regular paper and tape together to avoid a trip to the professional printer ;).

As with all apps…expect some bugs and a bit of a learning curve…but you might find, ad I did, that some become indispensable tools ⚒️ in your 🧰 !

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