Ingredients: one perfect photo…a range of lovely hand-dyed solid fabrics by Carol Eaton…and every shade of grey “Magnifico” thread manufactured by Superior Thread!  My husband snapped this photo of me with my most-beloved grey cat some years ago.  I came across it recently and thought it would make a lovely study in multiple shades of grey.

I used the Mobile Monet app to turn the photo into a more-easily traceable pattern, enlarging it to about 16″ by 22″.  Using a Sharpie, I sketched out the important outlines and traced it all on freezer paper, then ironed the cut-out pieces to the pre-fused fabric.  After lots of very careful (!) positioning, all was fused…and the piece headed to my long arm for lots and lots of free-motion quilting.  It just doesn’t get any more fun than this!