For Your Festival of Lights! ✨

Earlier this year, I had the tremendous pleasure of working on the new fabric launch of the “Horizon” collection by the painter Grant Haffner. His work is incredible …and so are the fabrics in what I hope will be the first of many from this talented artist!

As the holiday season approached, I stared at the blue and yellow fabrics (“Twilight” and “Sunrise”) and thought, hmm, I spy a Hanukkah quilt. This project was also a very fun example of how Procreate can make you productive no matter where you are…while I waited for my dentist, I imported a photo of the blue fabric into the app and pasted twice so that the entire background was as I wanted:

Next, I considered which fabric I would use for the candles. The many-hued “Dusk” would be perfect, as I could cut 8 strips and each could vary. I added a photo of a slice of this fabric, then added 7 more. Next, the “helper” candle…using the very-light grey “First Light” fabric, I added a ‘candle’ that would appear nearly white.

Now for flames…this is the fun part! Again, I imported a photo of the yellow fabric. Then, using the free form cutting tool, I sketched a flame and dragged it over to the top of each candle. While this is all wildly approximate, it gave me a good feeling for how well the idea would work when I got home to my studio :)…love Procreate!

Once home, I Mistyfused a rectangle of this lovely blue fabric to batting and backing, then began to slice candles (cutting the top of each at a curving angle as if melting a bit) and cut free form flames. Note, if you are not familiar with Mistyfuse, run, do not walk, to the website and order some to try!

The menorah was free cut from a dark variegated fabric that Grant calls “Nightfall” – it is gorgeous. One large piece plus a little ‘candle holder’ bit for the helper candle ;).

All fused and ready to stitch with the perfect shades of my favorite Aurifil thread:

I used very simple quilting, heavily outlining the candles and menorah, then trimming any fray and removing any loose threads. (Incidentally, Heidi Proffetty’s tweezers are the BEST for fusible appliqué! ). For the base, I couldn’t resist adding a bit of a wood finish with my stitching, and I added a bit of echo quilting within each flame. The background was free motion quilted, following the paint strokes of Grant’s design.

Favorite finish: zigzag with the 2a foot, then a second round of stitching adding piping in the background color, and a few tiny stitches through the intersection of the piping ends to secure before trimming:

The dimensions of my piece are: finished size, 15” x 11”…candles, 3/4” wide each. If you decide to make a larger piece, play with a larger “candle” to decide the best scale. Here’s to a light-filled holiday season for you!

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