Day 19: Create an Icicle for Your πŸŽ„!

A fast fun idea for your tree, or perhaps for an ornament exchange with friends!


-a long narrow piece of moldable fusible

-awesome metallic material: Cheryl Sleboda’s Power Shine

-silver metallic thread

-optional but fun: heavyweight sparkly thread such as Superior’s Razzle Dazzle in silver or iridescent silver or Wonderfil’s fabulous Dazzle (wind in a bobbin SLOWLY – I prefer to wind by hand)

-recommended if you use the heavier thread: an extra bobbin case for your machine, whose tension is permanently set a bit looser for ribbon, thick thread, or any other kind of bobbin thread

Ok, fuse your silver fabric to both sides of your moldable fusible. Let cool, then trim into a very long narrow triangle as seen above.

Begin at one of the corners and leave a long tail of threads. Zigzag stitch all sides (if using the bobbin thread, use silver metallic thread on top)…cut, again leaving a long tail. Tie these together near the end and you will have a hanging loop!

Press until very warm, then quickly wind on a slant around a dowel rod or very thick pencil, and hold until it cools (it will only take 10-15 seconds). If you are not pleased with the first shape, press flat then re-shape.

Merry merry! πŸŽ„

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