🍭Lollipop Flowers 🍭

Lollipop flowers! Such a fun and easy project…I stitched this Joy Quilt Project to test a palette for a larger piece.

You will need:
Batik fabric scraps (less fray!)

Mistyfuse and Goddess (pressing) Sheet from Mistyfuse

28wt (my new fave!!! ❤️) and 50wt Aurifil thread

Squares (I began with 6 1/2” squares) of background, batting and backing….the fabric shown here is the fab Zen Garden collection by @anthologybatikfabrics for Windham Fabrics 😍.


Begin by fusing your background, batting and backing together (thus eliminates shifting and ensures that your free-motion quilting is pure fun). Cut squares for your ‘flowers’, fold then into quarters and cut quarter-rounds (much easier than cutting a circle free-hand!) Trim with a rotary cutter if you decide to make them smaller.

Fuse to your background (don’t forget your Goddess Sheet so that your iron stays clean!)

Choose 28wt colors of Aurifil for the centers. (I like to keep monofilament in my bobbin so that I don’t need to keep changing colors below!) Free-motion quilt the centers of the future flowers with a pebble fill stitch.

Grab your seam ripper and – with the BLUNT side – gently lift the rims up. Mistyfuse is my must-use for many reasons, one being this repositionable feature!

Now, time for the petals…I love Karen Kay Buckley’s Perfect Quilting Products scissors for any hand cutting. Have fun slicing into lots of tiny petals, or cut curves and form larger petals. Ruffle to taste 😉.

Prepare to quilt the background by selecting a shade of 50wt Aurifil and gently tape petals out of the way with washi tape (or hold with your fingers…carefully!).

All done! And will take less time to do than I took to write this 🤣, you’ll see. Try the technique on a small piece, then consider adding it to future larger landscapes! (My Joy Quilt Project squares are my fiber sketch book ❤️.)