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I love to share my techniques with my students!! Former classes have included:

Small Pet Portraits – 4 hour (minimum) class

Using a freezer paper pattern and a fabric pack, learn how to identify light/medium/dark areas and trace the corresponding pieces onto appropriate fabrics. Learn how to fuse and begin to stitch your cat’s “fur”! Explanations are given for inking/stitching eyes, nose and whiskers :). 🐾🐾

Heart of the Home quilts – 4 hour class

Make a quilt for a great cause and make some for your own home! This project benefits formerly homeless women and children, whose new homes are graced with donated art quilts thanks to the great work of renowned art quilter Jamie Fingal. Learn how to sort, create “horizons,” then get to work on architecture and landscaping, all with pre-MistyFused fabric. An excellent way to use that rainbow tower of fat quarters that have been sitting on the shelf!

Adding Depth and Texture to Your Quilts – lecture, 2 hour technique class

I love MistyFuse for many reasons! One is the fact that it is repositionable and can help you “sculpt” your fabric into tree bark, stone walls, fluttering leaves and much more.

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