Gift Tags from an Unexpected Source

Happy Day 3 of the Challenge!  Today we have a super-fast project for your holiday workshop.

Each time my husband and I visit the home improvement store, I am drawn to the colors of the paint chip display. And, every year I stitch up a batch of gift tags from scraps of fabric, using a single theme.

It occurred to me last year that a very fun way to combine these two notions would be to fuse red and green chips to scraps of heavy fusible web (such as Peltex II), back them with white fabric (for a writing surface), and stitch all around the edges with metallic thread. These chips are paper, after all, so use very low heat for that side and an extra layer of fabric in between your note and the iron.

I used bright gold Superior Threads Metallic for the green ones and silver for the red.  (Note, I had this inspiration after Hanukkah last year or I would have done blue chips with silver for those gifts!). Begin stitching at a corner, leaving “tails” of thread at beginning and end, then tie the tails together to form a loop.

See you tomorrow for another ornament idea ๐ŸŽ„.

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