Bloopers, Repurposed!

As the very wise Judy Coates Perez wrote in a recent FaceBook post, make mistakes, make lots of mistakes!  (In connection with a very interesting article about how failure helps creativity…). 

Well, I have certainly followed this rule ;)…and had a particularly unfortunate attempt at a self-portrait last year. (Nope I’m not posting THAT picture.). The more stitching I did, the worse it got, so I gave up and took it off the long arm.

BUT…I loved the colors…and decided I could chop bits of it out to make mini-wallets.  Carefully harvesting as many 4 1/2″ by 6 1/2″ pieces as I could, I fused them to pieces of stuff fusible, backed them with a coordinating solid, folded them and stitched around the edges.

Snatching usefulness from the jaws of defeat!

Tomorrow evening begins the Festival of Lights…so we’ll discuss a very fun way to make Hanukkah cards.

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