Gift Idea: Map Quilt

One Christmas, I stared at a fat quarter of green batik fabric and realized that it very much resembled our tree-laden part of Connecticut.  I had recently begun playing with narrow silk ribbon in my bobbin and thought that it would be fun to stitch out the roads on which we love to ride our Harley, the nearby lakes, and something to symbolize home.

First, I free-motion quilted all over the surface with green thread…a simple repetitive pattern to suggest tree tops.

Then, on to the map details. Remember, with bobbin work, you put the front of the quilt face-down at your machine. I sketched out the main arteries, a few little roads, and the bodies of water- in reverse- on the solid backing fabric with a chalk pencil.  

Using MonoPoly from Superior Threads in the top of my machine and ribbon in the bobbin (yellow for roadways, 2 shades of blue for water, and red for the heart to symbolize home ❤️), I stitched along my markings.  

Think about the order and make sure to put the road crossings OVER the waterways ;).

With non-linear bits such as lakes, simply begin with the center and stitch concentric shapes outward.

Perhaps you have a special corner of the world that you can stitch together for a special gift?


2 thoughts on “Gift Idea: Map Quilt

    1. neonkittyquilts Post author

      Lisa, it is really fun! I think the key to success is an extra bobbin holder that is permanently set to a looser tension and reserved exclusively for bobbin work. (Not sure how this would work with drop-in bobbins, I have always been a Bernina gal…). Also you need patience winding the bobbin…with Razzle Dazzle, I make sure to keep my fingers on the thread as it is feeding through.


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