Holiday Gift Tags

Each year I stitch up a batch of Christmas gift tags for our family to use. This is a fantastic way to use fat quarters of holiday fabric (gee, you don’t have that hanging around in your stash, do you ;)?), and is much more fun than store-bought.

The basic ingredients are light fabric for the back (on which you write your messages), stiff fusible (I like Peltex II), and some sort of cord or thread for the edges.  

This year, I took my German Shepherd ink stamp, a foam applicator and some iridescent green acrylic ink, and stamped the image all over a FQ of Cherrywood Fabrics red fabric, then cut the fused sandwich into 2 1/2″ by 3″ pieces. Stitching this green and white string around the sides, first with a zig-zap stitch then a straight stitch, I tied the sting ends together at the corner and a few inches away to form a loop.

This is a terrific use for any cool art fabric you’ve made in classes throughout the year :).  Happy wrapping!  🎄


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