iPad = Sketchbook 

I am inspired by the art quilters who always have paints, pencils and sketchbooks with them to capture a scene…but somehow I’ve not been able to get into the habit.  My near-constant business travel means that my iPad is my constant creative companion– and I love it.  Photography, drawing, photo editing and special effects…all combine to offer endless possibilities for creative inspiration.

One of my favorite things to do is take photos with the PhotoBooth app (it comes with the operating system). Choose “Thermal” mode and the result is neon-hued pictures which can be very fun patterns for quilts.  

Take the photo above…print it on freezer paper…and fuse a vivid little scene of the side of a runway:

Have some fun adding interest with your quilting stitches, then finish it with a facing for the best effect.  (Susan Brubaker Knapp teaches finishing techniques on a video that is a must-view …especially facings.)

And if you’re wondering what to do with something this small…😉


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