Quilt Any Good Books Lately?

Even art quilters like sampler quilts! Particularly when done in small doses in between projects.  One such quilt was inspired by a terrific book my husband gave me for my birthday (he has a way of finding these books before I even hear about them :)), Hobo Quilts by Debra Henniger.  If you have not seen this one, I encourage you to take a look.

Some months later, my local quilt shop featured a class by the author…and offered layer cakes of period-appropriate fabric.  Debra tells some wonderful stories about the research that led to this terrific book.

I did a few squares at a time over the course of a year…and finally got my quilt onto the longarm.  Sampler quilts are a fantastic way to try different fill patterns in each square…

…and teach you how to deal with borders when you have done SO much quilting in the center that they resemble skirts 😳…

…which can begin a love affair with pebbling πŸ˜‰…

I am currently working my way through Tula Pink’s City Block book, and expect I’ll be finished by 2020 πŸ™„.  For now, you might want to check out Debra’s marvelous book:


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