Listening to Your Fabric 

My favorite stack of fabric in my studio is, without a doubt, my hand-dyed stash.  I am always inspired by the artists who wield their magic with dye pots.  While a lot of this stash is solids (if you’re not a Cherrywood fabric fan, you should be :)!), there are other pieces that find their way into my heart that are highly patterned.  If you listen carefully, the fabric will frequently tell you what to do.  See the photos above that show the progression of bringing out a tree-lined lakefront (not finished yet!) that appeared in some lovely pieces dyed by Freida Anderson.

Another fun example was a piece of indigo cloth from one of my very favorite people, Carol Eaton.  Carol is known by most folks for her ice- and snow-dyed work…if you are not familiar with it, check out her blog at

The indigo piece simply insisted on becoming a notebook cover!  


What does your fabric say to you?

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