Wild Child!

This year’s Cherrywood Challenge was terrific fun…and it will surprise none of my friends that I chose to create a portrait of my (lion-hearted) tiny feral kitty for my entry. So many exciting projects underway at present in the studio…but, here are some step-outs of my project for fun :).

To begin- of course- MistyFuse each piece of gorgeous Cherrywood fabric…

Then decide on an appropriate image…

Ok, so this piece of furniture on which she’s resting her paw is not exactly Pride Rock, but close enough. Time for the light box…

Having traced the eyes and markings with fabric ink, the next step is to fuse…

Then explain to the other cat why he’s not the model this time…

Add some color to those killer eyes, layer with batting and backing (MistyFused together!) and time for the Bernina…

The simple design calls for a lot of textural interest (and a great deal of Aurifil thread!…)

Hmm, and something else…yes, strips of Angelina to stitch down

More work on the “mane”…

And, we’re finished. Roar!!!🦁

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