Because we don’t say it enough…

The thrill of reaching one of your stretch goals is nearly impossible to express. When Susan Brubaker Knapp invited me to be a guest on the next series of Quilting Arts TV, I was speechless – a most unusual state for me ;). As I prepare for next month’s taping, I am very grateful to Susan (and Vivika!) for this opportunity.

But there is someone else I need to thank- Cheryl Sleboda. If it wasn’t for her 31-Day Blog Challenge last December, I wouldn’t have pushed myself to create so much art. If it weren’t for her generous advice, I might not have submitted so many articles to Quilting Arts magazine. If I hadn’t taken her excellent brand-building class in Houston last year, I might not have started strategizing about how to make my passion into even more.

We are lucky to have many artists in our tribe who are generous with their knowledge…experience…and advice. As next month approaches…thank you, Cheryl!

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  1. Generous and supportive! Where else could I find such a positive environment? Where else DO I find such a positive environment? Thank YOU, too!

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