Never Forget

Each of us has our own story for that day. Mine began on an Air Canada flight from Toronto to LGA…we were one of the last planes allowed to land. As the months passed, volumes of incredible art were created to commemorate the tragedy and help us to make sense of it all.

My piece is a nod to the incredibly moving Tribute in Light that shines over the site each year. I neglected to take any step-out photos but if you look carefully, you can see that it is quite simple.

1- the sky (Carol Eaton’s confetti-dyed) and the river (dark blue solid batik) were MistyFused onto the batting sandwich…

2- a piece of almost-but-not-quite Black was MistyFused and cut to the same width as the sky. First I cut out a series of skyscrapers in random order…then used my rotary cutter to cut a smooth curve representing the bank of the East River…

3- for the “towers” of light, I took a handful of silvery Angelina fiber…pressed it between my Goddess sheets,,,MistyFused it…then cut two tall narrow strips and fused them rising from behind the building…

4- and added “clouds” of wispy wool batting, MistyFused lightly to the sky.

5- I stitched the light towers in narrow columns with Superior metallic thread…a nod to the original design of the Towers…

6- and finished with simple free motion stitching in the sky and river (the latter a rippling pattern).

This piece hangs in my studio each September. I choose to remember the incredible kindness that New Yorkers showed one another that day…and the boundless hospitality offered by so many Canadians to those who were stranded north of the border.

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