Uppercase Volume 3, “Circular Logic”😻

Is there anything better than receiving an email from the amazing Janine Vangool, asking if you would like some fabric to create a piece for her brand-new collection? 🎉🎉🎉

Actually, YES…when you receive another email from Janine telling you that Windham Fabrics liked the design and would like more of the same to be used as blocks for a larger quilt! (Insert major happy dance here 💃🏼).

So…a very relaxed weekend of creating the first one:

…was followed by the joy and frenzy of coming home from a business trip to a pile of half-yard cuts of the entire collection. Deep breath…MistyFuse all…noting possible combinations along the way:

Actually, yes…I think the beach scene is my favorite:

So, Jackson acquired a beach house…a ski house…a place in the city…spring and fall scenes…then I had to get a little creative when I discovered I needed to produce 9 scenes in all 😳. Ok…so, my cat had a blue phase:

…and had to take cover during a rainy day:

Working with Janine’s third collection is an absolute joy! Of course, I had a little help from miles of Aurifil:

…and somehow 9 were done by deadline…

The best part of all? Each of this kit’s “blocks” are 14″ and can be standalone contributions to Jamie Fingal’s amazing project for the Heart of the Home. (Next best, learning just how creative you can be on an insanely tight deadline ;).)

Thank you, Janine, for including me in this adventure!


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