“Someday is Just Another Word for Never”

So, 3 Decembers ago I wrote:

In the (very fun) 2010 movie ‘Knight and Day,’ Cameron Diaz looks at Tom Cruise and delivers this line (after he talks about all of the fun things he’ll do…someday).  For some reason, this line stuck in my head…and I found myself thinking about all of my “someday” wishes.  

You know…get a quilt into the big show…get published…teach…etc, etc.  I have many very talented friends who, for one reason or another, haven’t taken the plunge yet.

Sometimes you need a catalyst.  For me it was Pokey Bolton’s inspired campaign to raise money for the Houston animal shelter, Friends For Life…an International Quilt Festival special exhibit just happened to mesh with a piece I’d already done, and I was fortunate enough to have “Neon Kitty” accepted. The thrill of seeing my quilt hanging at Festival was enough inspiration for me to begin taking many many more risks (yes and collecting lots of rejection notes along the way along with the joy of acceptance letters!).

Since then, I’ve had the joy of making so many more friends in our tribe…and, yup, collecting more rejection notices 😂…and enjoying the thrill of new adventures, some which were most definitely on my “someday” list and a few I hadn’t even thought of (designing a quilt for Windham Fabrics thanks to Janine Vangool 💜).

It’s that time again to plan and dream for the new year- I’ve already put in a proposal for one really big idea. What are you planning? I hope that you’ll pat yourself on the back for a terrific 2018…and, next year, take some risks and put yourself out there. You know what they say about “someday” 😉.

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