Anyone who knows me will not be surprised to learn that I test on the “extrovert” side of the spectrum πŸ˜‰. In fact, in a recent test at work, one of my strongest characteristics that came through was “connector.”

How does this relate to our fiber world? For me, it means that I simply cannot help but reach out when I love someone’s books, magazine, quilt, wearable art. I’ve never been shy about making the first call/email/invite… and some magical friendships have resulted ✨!

As creatives, we all share a strong common bond that can be the basis for all sorts of cool projects. The example on my mind today is a wearable fiber artist I met a few years ago in the Grand Central holiday market- Danielle Gori-Montanelli. If you need a dose of incredible color, check out her website:

When I saw Danielle on Facebook, of course I had to connect. And when she posted this photo of her killer-cute feline Cargo on her page:

I HAD to ask her if I could use this photo in my work ;). Danielle graciously agreed and I adapted Cargo for my just-completed pattern project:

A perfect grey cat set off by Pantone’s color of the year 😁. (I must admit that coral is growing on me….)

So…the next time you think, gee, I’d love to be able to chat with that amazing artist- just take the first step and connect. You never know what might happen next!

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