On Chalburn Road

One of the interesting things about trying to become a little more organized with one’s website is the discovery that you never did, in fact, write a post about one of your favorite pieces! Some have difficult birthing processes, while some nearly stitch themselves…this quilt was most definitely one of the latter.

One amazing autumn day, I took pooch out for a walk and took this photo:

It sat in the back of my mind until I saw one of Carol Eaton’s incredible confetti-dyed pieces of fabric. It was as if she had accompanied Kane and me on our stroll:

I certainly had my background! I quickly ripped pieces of other (Misty-Fused) hand-dyed cotton to represent the trees and the rail fence. Of course, Jackson had to make an appearance:

And other fused solid fabrics were cut for the shrubs and trees.

Thread is usually a big part of my work but it really played a major role in this project…

And I worked to create depth and texture by manipulating the “tree” and “leaves”…a technique that would not be possible without MistyFuse. This led to one of my sessions in Quilting Arts TV, as well as an article in the magazine.

See my blog about adding depth and texture for more detail :).

Background quilting was a delight in this piece, switching thread colors to augment the fabric and adding even more texture.

My feline companion needed black metallic thread – one of many metallics from Superior threads that are as well-behaved as they are beautiful.

Now if only all of my art quilts would create themselves ๐Ÿ˜‰!

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