Inspiration in the Studio

Some of my favorite things to read are articles about the studios of other fiber artists. What do you keep nearby for inspiration, motivation and purely sentimental reasons?

My most prized possession is the quilt created by Yvonne Porcella, pictured above, “Oski Loves the Birds.” I was on a mission to win this piece during the auction of the Quilt Alliance’s contest quilts last year. This piece is not only lovely on its own but represents the spirit of one amazing lady who paved the way for our tribe…I was so fortunate to be able to get to know her in person. (See what treasures you can find in the Alliance’s auction? Watch this year’s bidding to find the artist who inspires YOU!)

Then there is Quilting Arts magazine…I framed the article I wrote in last year’s Holiday special edition to celebrate a goal met and a reminder of all those future goals (who else has QA tv on their bucket list?!). It is also a tribute to the wonderful team that edits the magazine now…and a thank you to the founder, Pokey Bolton. Pokey, if you hadn’t created Quilting Arts, many of us would never have heard of art quilting.

I have an internal windowsill that holds treasures and reminders of just a few of the wonderful friends I’ve made within our community. And, yes, Simon’s Cat ;).

And, most precious of all, the Featherweights that belonged to my mom and favorite aunt. I learned how to sew on that black machine…and sometimes imagine the two machines gossiping with one another about those newfangled behemoths on the other side of the room :).

And now, back to work on my WIPS!   

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