Planning a Brilliant 2017

Remember the introduction of The Quilter’s Planner last year? (And how it sold out very quickly?!) Well, it’s back, and even better than the 2016 version…along with its little sibling, the Mini Planner. Here are the new features I really like:

  1. Weekly suggestions on free-motion stitching patterns

As an art quilter, I love the eye candy of the modern quilt photos and patterns – and the photos are sensational- but what I will actually use are these designs and tips.

2. Improved binding

Yay! It lies perfectly flat when folded over, and is durable enough for a busy year of use.

3- A back folder pocket with stickers :)!

The stickers are an eye-catching way to mark those important dates …and, well, they’re just fun ;).

And…drum roll…

4- A Mini-Planner for those of us who are on the road and can’t always access the Planner.

There are daily pages with space for quilting and other-work to-do lists, and lots of projects-at-a-glance pages. I plan to keep this terrific tool in my bag every day!

Thanks to Stephanie Naso Palmer from a happy repeat customer :). Tomorrow, creating a candy cane effect in your stitching and some very fun pattern guides!

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