Really Fast Silk Stole 

Ok, so you have to wear that black dress to another party. How to enhance it with a stole/wrap that is a shot of killer color?
Well, if you read yesterday’s post, you know where to go. Hit Butterfly Fabrics for a length of a color that you love…length depending on how long you like your wraps. I went for 1 3/4yds.

Place on hanger for a moment and say, oooh 😍.

Now comes the slightly challenging part…squaring the short sides. The goal is to create a nice amount of fray which becomes the fringe. Run a line of straight stitching down each side, roughly an inch or so from the edge. As you peel off the heavy threads, keep a jar handy…they will be a glorious addition to an future art quilt! 

Hint: this is an excellent thing to do while watching a holiday show…it will tangle if you lose patience and try to rush (ask me how I know this…) Stop fraying when you reach your line of stitching.

Onto the longarm! Fold in half lengthwise and pin the short sides to your leaders as if they were the quilt back. I used my favorite black metallic thread to simply “quilt” the two halves together. You can do more quilting…I was in a tearing hurry so I used a light touch.

And, here, a closeup of the fringe:

Bonus: a double-layer of dupioni helps keep me warm :).

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