Silk + Plastic = Texture!

Here is a fun way to upcycle silk thread left from fringing pieces of silk dupioni and that red plastic mesh that comes on crates of clementines! Do not throw that mesh away…it melts very nicely into fabric to create cool effects.

  • So, we begin with a piece of my favorite Peltex II (very stiff double-sided fusible) and that pile of green silk thread:

  • Distribute the thread evenly and (making sure to use you Goddess Sheet), fuse the threads to the top of the Peltex
  • Then, you will need some sort of tulle, netting, something to hold the threads together before stitching. Take that red plastic from the clementine box:

  • Place on top of the fused thread and, folding the pressing sheet over, apply lots of heat and pressure.

  • Ready to back with a solid fabric (so that you can write a message) and trim to postcard size…

  • I went with red silk thread for the edges. When zig-zagging around, stitch slowly to make sure the needle catches the meshing.

All done and ready for gifting!

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