A Fast Fun Hanukkah Card 

Continuing with my silk theme…if you find yourself with scraps of deep blue, gold and white silk dupioni, you have the makings of a vivid holiday card!

I fused a piece of my favorite Peltex II with the blue silk as background…then fused the back of a rectangle of white silk and a piece of gold silk with MistyFuse. Simply slice the white silk into 9 “candles” (I slanted 4 in one direction, 4 in the other, and then trimmed the  “helper” candle top to look almost straight), then cut 9 rectangles of gold and cut into flame-like shapes. 

Fuse the candles and flames in place, and free-motion stitch in place. I love Superior Threads’ metallics (and used Magnifico trilobal for the white candles).

Fuse the back of the postcard with white (or light) silk so that you can write your message…trim to 4″x 6″…and zigzag around the edge to finish.

Of course, our cat Jackson tends to turn up everywhere ;)…🐾🐾

Remember, if you want to fuse pieces of silk dupioni…make sure you MistyFuse all the way to the edges of the fabric! The fuse will control the fray.

Warm wishes for your holidays!

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