The next time you consider adopting a cat, you might want to keep an open mind and heart and choose one of your shelter’s older, shyer kitties. Jesse taught me that appearances can be deceiving and that a quiet cat can, in their own way, become the very heart of your home.

Thinking back to the day we met him: he certainly wasn’t a kitten, he wasn’t in perfect health, and he wasn’t a lap cat. But…he needed a home…and Petfinder’s profile said, “he likes to sleep with the family’s German Shepherds.” To me, this was about as clear a signal as we could imagine ;)…and so he joined the family.

Jesse did, in fact, LOVE our German Shepherd…and Kazzi had a new sidekick. Even if she hadn’t exactly been looking for one ;)…

Jesse had a quiet, gentle presence (well, ok, except in the crate in the car) and was, in the best sense of the word, companionable. He might not want to sit in anyone’s lap but he had his assigned spot on the sofa near us…and on the foot of the bed…and, always, in my studio. As I spent more time creating, he was always there to supervise and offer silent but eloquent commentary. Lest you think I exaggerate:

His world changed again when Jackson wandered into our backyard and into our lives. I like to think that his adolescent antics made Jesse feel young again…

…and they hung out together in all sorts of photogenic ways 😉

In our last year together, Jesse craved more affection and stayed very close. The house feels oddly empty now, but there are two other furballs to play with, care for and love. One of Jesse’s greatest joys was sitting in the sun and I like to think that he has found his favorite sunny spot near the Rainbow Bridge while he waits for us. Thank you, sweet boy, for being the quiet heart of our home…until we see you again, know that you are loved fiercely and missed beyond measure.

2 thoughts on “Jesse

  1. Beth T.

    The world is a better place because a very special boy found his second home, and it was filled with love for him. xxx

  2. Sally Harcum Maxwell

    It’s a tear-y morning as I’m remembering my lost furry children, too. I don’t think you ever really forget them.


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