The Heart of the Home project

better finished house

Jamie Fingal is leading another fabulous project involving fun little art quilts which explore the theme of “home”…this time for families transitioning out of homelessness. (Check out The House Quilt Project on her blog :)) These pieces will add a bit of color and whimsy to new homes for some who deserve it most – can you imagine a better cause?

For the bright colors, I turned to the marvelous Uppercase collection (Janine’s second is coming out soon!) of fabric and coordinating Aurifil thread. First step, of course, MistyFuse on all:

fabric layout

(You may notice the image of my beloved Jesse watching over my pressing table…I found this project to be excellent grief therapy after saying goodbye to him.) Then, some freeform composition. I decided to create a house and an apartment building ;)…here is the latter, fused and ready for the Bernina.

apartment fused not quilted

Of course I had to add a kitty to each home! Janine’s fabrics were perfect for these scenes and such a pleasure to handle. Next up, my favorite part…deciding which threads from the Aurifil box for Uppercase! (I nearly always use monofilament in my bobbin, it is such a time saver as I switch thread colors so frequently.)

deciding threads

Ahem, you’ll spot a bobbin of green where the spool should be. Apparently that spool followed me to Cleveland for the QA TV shoot and decided to stay in the studio ;). It lasted for about 80% of the lawn and then ran out…so, another Aurifil shade had to chime in. This was the first time I used the zig-zag option to free-motion quilt – it works really really well for grass! Try it the next time you work on a landscape scene.

grass illustration

These two pieces are on their way to Jamie now…check out her link for this fun project, perhaps you would like to stitch a few, too?

apartment finished



2 thoughts on “The Heart of the Home project

  1. Sally Harcum Maxwell

    That’s the perfect shape for the cat! How did you do it? I’ll try using free-motion zig-zag. I’ve heard it recommended before, but I’ve been too afraid to try. Since I’m always working outside of my comfort zone, I thought one thing at a time would be enough, but I should just “let ‘er rip” (and hope that I don’t have to rip it out).

    1. neonkittyquilts Post author

      heehee, I traced the outline of one of my many pictures of my black cat…he always provides the perfect silhouette against a light background. I’m good but I’m not THAT good at freeform cat outlines ;). I’ll pm you a few of Jackson that I like to use, you may find them handy!

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