One Play Session With Inks, Two Stories

So it all began when I took this pre-dawn picture from my hotel window:

I was taken by the slightly mysterious effect of the light in the sky against the still-dark landscape…and the solitary car on a usually very busy street. Of course I had to apply my filter…

Ooh! Next step, grab some white Radiance (silk/cotton) and my Tsukineko inks to see if I could interpret that sky…

Since I was using a spray bottle of water to blur the inks and make them run together, I blotted the fabric with a second piece of Radiance…and to my delight it came up like this:

Do you see the landscape? I decided to stitch this second image first:

So much fun!! The only color I added was the duck…the scene was simply too peaceful with no strong focal point.

Back to my original scene…I MistyFused some dark blue batik on as the foreground, and began stitching in some details. I think I need to do this one on a bigger scale to do justice to the details…but of course I have dozens of other images in line, too. Hmm perhaps this needs a few dark blue birds in flight…

Remember that you do not need to devote a lot of space or time to this very fun exercise! Some inks, a few brushes, a spray bottle and a work surface are all you need:

Try some and have fun! (and do sign up for Judy Coates Perez’s classes to learn dozens of techniques which will ensure that you are never short of inspiration 🌈🎨😁!)

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